Serving Arlington since 1922

Gilmore / Ft. Caroline United Methodist Church

At the request of the Gilmore community, Gilmore Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in June 1922, with 16 charter members, as part of the St. Johns River Conference. Rev. R.J. Derr was the first minister of the church. The congregation initially worshiped at the home of Archibald Gilmore, Sr. until the sanctuary was built and dedicated on January 16th, 1923. Archibald Gilmore, Sr. owned property in what is now known as the east end of Ft. Caroline Road.  He donated the land for the first sanctuary (includes the current parking area, Youth Building, and Lockwood Building) which was located on that piece of property. The church was part of the circuit serving the Arlington/Gilmore charge through May 1947 and shared its first 11 ministers. From June 1947 to June 1960, services were held in the morning at Arlington church and then Gilmore church in the afternoon. In 1960 Gilmore also had responsibility in surveying and organizing what is now St. Paul UMC. 

The original sanctuary served the people for nearly 38 years. By 1960 the original sanctuary was unable to house the increasing attendance and worship services were moved to the recently built Youth Building. Adjacent property was donated by Everett and Emily Ross for a new sanctuary. The old sanctuary was torn down and a new building was built on the property donated by the Ross family. The building held their first services on Easter Sunday on April 2, 1961. The  building still did not have windows in place before the first service was held.  That sanctuary is now the current home of our church (windows are included). In August 1968 the members of the church voted to change the name of the church from Gilmore Methodist to Fort Caroline Road United Methodist Church to better identify with the location (road was dropped from name in 1976). 

Over many years, through many wonderful pastors and members, many organizers and large builds later, the church became what it is today, Ft. Caroline United Methodist Church.  By the giving, serving hearts of the members of this church, additional buildings were added on to keep up with the church's growth and for classrooms to better educate those about the love of God. 

At almost 98 years old, we are still a functioning, giving, friendly, historically active, community church.  We haven't changed our location, as we are still considered "hidden" as well as "The Chapel in the Woods".  


R.J. Derr (Jun. 1922 - )

A.E. Boots ( - Aug. 1927)

R.E. Starr (Aug. 1927 - Apr. 1929)

J.W. Johnson (Apr. 1929 - Apr. 1930)

W.C. White (Apr. 1930 - May 1935)

F.A. Shipley (May 1935 - Aug. 1936)

Julian F Palmer (Sep. 1936 - Apr. 1938)

Rolla E Hiller (Apr. 1938 - Jun. 1939)

Martin R Davis (Jun. 1939 - Jun. 1941)

Paul J Wagner (Jun. 1941 - Jun. 1943)

L.B. Blackwell (Jun. 1943 - Jun. 1947)

Julian F Palmer (Jun. 1947 - Jun. 1949)

John R Hunt (Jun. 1949 - Jun. 1950)

J.P. McRae (Jun. 1950 - Jun. 1951)

John M Glisson (Jun. 1951 - Jun. 1952)

William Ogden (Jun. 1952 - Jun. 1953)

Lee Strother (Jun. 1953 - Jun. 1954)

John E Hartsfield (Jun. 1954 - Jun. 1955)

Ernest C Grose (Jun. 1955 - Jun. 1956)

Kenneth L McPeak (Jun. 1956 - Jun. 1957)

Phil Smith (Jun. 1957 - Apr. 1958)

C.A. Beatty (May 1958 - Apr. 1959)

Thomas C Geyer (May 1959 - May 1960)

Robert L Jenkins (Jun. 1960 - Jun. 1961)

A. Bruce Galloway (Jun. 1961 - Jun. 1964)

Rupert N Caviness (Jun. 1964 - Jun. 1968)

David H Talley (Jun. 1968 - Jun. 1974)

Arville L Renner (Jun. 1974 - Feb. 1979)

Paul J Dickinson (Feb. 1979 - Jun. 1982)

D. Clark Thompson (Jun. 1982 - Jun. 1985)

Donald N Dial (Jun. 1985 - Jun. 1989)

Joseph E Fulford (Jun. 1989 - Jun. 1993)

David M Gill (Jun. 1993 - Jun. 1999)

George Spence (Jun. 1999 - Nov. 2000)

Laurence Coles (Jan. 2001 - Jun. 2001)

Curran Spottswood (Jun. 2001 - Jun. 2003)

Eric M. Young (Jun. 2003 - Jun. 2005)

A. Bruce Galloway (Jul. 2005 - )

Karl Wiggins ( - )

Eriberto Soto ( - )